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Untitleable #23

Untitleable #23

He was her uncle
He was a psycho
They were alone
In her room
And he's no stranger

It couldn't be what she was told it was
It wasn't in an alley
It was someone she knew
She was told it would be dumb to cry for help
And she agreed, why would she need help?
And she agreed that she would cry later

It was bad for his heart
He didn't care
He just kept going at it
She tuned him down after awhile
What a fucked up world it is

She thought "he must really love me
To be all close and love me this way
What a lucky girl am I" she said
"None of my recess buds ever brag of this
Maybe I'll be a queen someday
Could I get him to be my king?
How I love my king"

He got to her more easily
Since dad was not around
Mom's working 2 job to hold family together
Call on Uncle Joe
He's more than happy to help
And believe me he's more than happy to help

"I'm luckier this time" she thinks
"It doesn't hurt as much as last time"
She wonders how so much love
Can give her the willies
He's thanking god he's getting away with this
What a fucked world it is

Her stained drawers
Dead giveaway
Mom's pissed off today
The kid will testify
That Uncle Joe lied
That bastard only loves himself

Guilty and it's about damn time
Thank you god
Going away for a long,long time
But Jesus it isn't going to be long enough
Kiddo still doesn't know completely what happened
Mom still doesn't know completely how to tell her

So he's now wearing his grey jumpsuit Scarlet Letter "A"
Oh he's now everybody's most favorite inmate
Tiny his cellmate has a little thing against child molesters
And they made sure to tell him all about her
Joe is thinking that karma isn't a good friend of his
What a totally and completely fucked up world it is