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Unicorns dancing in the rain
Never cared that much anyway
Ha! Shows what I know
Apples fall from the wrong tree
Ping pong paddles of misery
Ping pong balls of broken hearts
Inventive anti-social little brat
Never wanted it to come out like that
Even when this shit started making sense
Shoot me in the head for my violence
Shoot you in the head for consequence
I think afterall it would be only fair
Stereos blaring at their top noise-it's bothering me
My twin brother feels so good to me
You're "very droll Wilma, very droll"
Twins should act a lot alike
We have never had that problem
I've often been told I act like him
Never loved you
But I never planned to
Really fucked up world I live in
Oh leave me alone--I'm not always Eggman
The end is coming--I promise you
Hey at least I've always spoken the truth
Everytime I've felt it necessary to say anything
Really wish that would never happen again