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Clown Rewrite

Clown 2 (Clown Rewrite)

Unicorns prancing for the pain
Not for me to say if it's right or wrong
Ha! Goes to show what you know
Apples fall from a rotted old tree
Ping pong net of greed and apathy
Ping pong table of false hope and promises
Inventive anti-social little shit
Never, ever wanted to be like that
Even when the bullshit seemed like a good idea
Shoot me in the head for a gift to me
Shoot you in the head for another gift to me
I think after all the world is fucked up anyway
So I don't want to hear you bitching anymore
My twin sister feels so good pressed against me
You seemed concerned that I said that
Twins should fondle each other regularly
We've always done our parents proud in that respect
I've often been told that I'm a jerk
Never fucked you
But I always wanted to
Really fucked up mind I live in
Oh leave me alone, just please leave me alone
The end is coming I'll kill you
Hey at the very least I've always told you the truth
Every time I've felt it appropriate to misword the lies
Really planning on not having that happen again