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I died the day that you went away
I remember the exact moment well
It was as soon as I couldn't see you waving goodbye anymore
Your farewell tears for me only started driving the knife in deeper

We used to be inseperable
Kind of like magnet glue
But some people found out that we had a good thing going
That made it end immediately because apparently it should have expired prior to that

The only good days were the ones with you
The ones where we'd laugh and not care about the world
Where all the songs we'd sing would tell our life story
And how we'd only think of each other when we heard them

But I know I stand out to you among them
I'm right where I deserve to be
But I think that I forgot to pack my smile

The days are great but I have found something
The days aren't happy
And there is no god here to keep all us people happy
Could he be busy?

This love in my heart can't be false
Because I know false - this ain't it
This love for my loved ones is true and pure
So is mine for you

I think that I have been fooled greatly
I don't think that I am where I should be
I do not believe that this is heaven
Cos life is only hell without you

(for Cassie, inspired by her poems "The End of The World" and "Love")