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Help Me

Johnny was a depressed individual
Who didn't really care
His grades were plummeting in school
And he didn't like his hair
People would say he's weird all right
Just leave him alone
He snuck through his parents bedroom door
Looked in a drawer there
John didn't find what he was looking for
All he found was some underwear
The next drawer down he found misery's fun
He didn't look around
He had found his daddy's loaded gun
He didn't make a sound
He stuck the gun into his mouth
His hands began to tremble
But he just couldn't kill himself
Blow himself to Hell
Then his mother came in the door
He went dowstairs and told his mom
About his private Hell

He said "help me
You know I need some
Hug me
Ya' know I could use some love
I tried taking my own life
Now I see that wasn't right
Won't you help me?"

Jamie was a popular girl
Dating the quarterback
Nothing mattered in her world
Nothing like that
Classmates voted her "Perfect Girl"
She can take care of herself
To her nothing mattered much
She thought she would like Hell
One night she went to the medicine chest
One bottle of doom and and some water
And you only get one guess as to what happened next
The quarterback said "My love's forever"
She thought of how they'd find her
She couldn't do that to the boy
She couldn't leave him or anyone else that way
Well she put the pills away and went back to bed
She made a call to the quarterback
This is what she said

She said "Help me
Don't you know I need some
Hug me
Ya' know I could use some love
I tried taking my own life
Now I see that wasn't right
Oh, won't you help me?"

Eddie was an eagle, yeah
He thought he could fly
No one could tell exactly why
Eddie was trying to fly
Got on the roof of the Empire Building
In New York City
Eddie thought it was pretty thrilling
People with pity
He announced he was jumping now
Everybody would be screaming
There was a pindrop silence
No one could say a word
And Eddie the Eagle was beaming
Proved he was a flying bird
So if you listen hard
You could hear him
Wishing it was very far

"You gotta help me
You know I need some
I wished you'd hugged me
I could've used some love
I took my own life
I don't care if I was wrong or right
God? Would you have helped me?"