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A slap to the face
And a kick to the ribcage
Is only some of what's happened to him
His parent assisted Superman leap down the stairs
And their game of peekaboo using their knuckles
None of this has helped him at all
And the child (at any age) has never spoken
Never - not once - said anything
I mean he couldn't if he wanted to
Nobody's ever taught him how
And the result?
An innocent boy scared to do anything
And so forced back into himself by abuse he doesn't even know what he's scared of
The teachers just let him sit there in class
And wait for him to make the first step
They've tried everything else but he just doesn't seem to register
He sits, without blinking, expressionless, almost comatose with the eyes open
Like the brain is on permanent sabbatical
Assuming it ever showed up at all
And you'd think that he has no clue at all what's happening
But then lunch starts or recess ends or the test begins
And he's there doing what he's supposed to be doing
Never letting his arms go from his sides - no form of reaching out at all
Why should he? Don't all adults hit their child?
Cause afterall, all adults must have only one
He's never been taught different
And he never will
And the children just ignore him
Unless they can have fun at his expense
Why there was this scene today:

"Johnny it's your pick"

"Um...I'll pick Tina"

"Figures. You'd take the girl over the retard"

Oh if they only knew