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I used to be a young boy
With a young mind
And a very healthy imagination
Me and my friends
We play all sorts of games
Cops and robbers
Cowboys and indians
Red rover, red rover
Hide and seek
T.V. Tag
And my favorite blind man's bluff
But my parents have a good imagination too
On Sunday mornings we go to church
And listen to a man
While he plays pretend with the town
He asks us to believe there is a man
And he's all powerful
Knows all
Sees all
Died on a cross with thieves for us
So we may live forever and worship him
Hey! I never said it was a fun game
But now many years later
I' a grown boy
Still playing games
And even occasionally I use my imagination
But I don't go to church anymore
Or play pretend with Mr.Minister either
It was fun to play that game but time moves on
I've grown out of that foolish and stupid game
I think it's time that the others grow up to