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This will be about the 4th or 5th, and hopefully final, update for my poetry site.  My name is Chris and I'm 22 (almost 23) years old.  I've been writing since I was 5 but the poetry on this site dates from as far back as 1993 and goes all the way to 1998.  Nothing on this site is much older than that.  There might be one or two things from 1999 on here but I really don't remember.  It covers a period in my life where, at least in my life and mind, that things were all going wrong. But I guess that's average for teenagers. It helped me deal with things.  There are references in some of these poems, to death, killing, weapons, suicide, and other uncute things.  It's all a metaphor though.  It all tells a story and it means something. I hardly, if ever, write exactly what I mean on the surface. So try to read between the lines for what I was attempting to say.  Enjoy. So please read and enjoy the poetry and sign the guestbook and tell all your friends about the site.

A Letter I Know I Won't Send A Postcard From The Last Man On Earth Acceptance Speech Beautiful Because He Loves You
Candle Can't Clown Clown 2 Cough Drop
Defeated Fool Embarrassment Fear Fear (2nd Edit) Fear (3rd Edit)
Forgiveness Genuine Glass Eye Heaven/Hell Help Me
HIM Imagination In The Way Just Be Yourself Klutz
Less of Me Little Boy Lost My Last Day Lying Dead On The Broken Battlefield of Life Mary
Memo for the Procrastinator Ode To An Ode On One Side of the World Only Going To Say This Once Onward
Paris "Popular" Culture Superhero The Evil The Exact Moment of Loss
The Great White Disappointment The Rantings of a Lonely Madman Apparition The Sky Turned Black Thought For The Rainy Day Tommy
Toy Unlocking The Mysteries In The Realm of Pain Untitleable #23 Whatever  What's Wrong

all collaborations were co-written by Kenneth D. Hoffman

Untitled #1 Untitled #2 Untitled #3 Untitled #4 Untitled #5 Untitled #6 Untitled #7
Untitled #8 Untitled #9 22 Flawed Lost In A Sea of Whitecapped Misdirection and Pleasure (the long version) Lost In A Sea of Whitecapped Misdirection and Pleasure (the short version) Why?

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