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In The Way

I'm gonna stop being the baby brat brother
Who wants to hang out with his older siblings
But he's not cool enough though he doesn't realize it yet
They act like they want him around, but they don't
And it's all part of their jokesI won't be do that to myself anymore

No longer do you have to wonder
When you get your time alone
Because I'm going back home
I'm gonna start being out of the picture and in the way
My stomach aches of the lies I've fed myself
And I'm lower than the dirt of the hole I've kicked myself into

I'm in the way and I'm slowing you down
And I'm holding you back
Though I don't know exactly what from
Don't say a word, you know I won't listen, I never do
But it's not you, it's me, it's who I have to be
Tomorrow I'll wake up and forget I said any of this
But tonite it feels good---when nothing else does

I'm getting out of the way