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A Letter I Know I Won't Send

I tell you of my day 
And how things are going 
Passing thoughts of old friends 
And hopes for the future

I ask you how you are
How has your day been?
Everybody at home ok?
What are you doing Saturday afternoon?

I cut through my small talk
And get to my whole point
I'm rude and totally out of character
But it's okay, because it's a letter I know I won't send

I tell you of my stupid fears
Hopes, aspirations, dreams for the future
All the stupid things nobody wants or needs to hear
But I won't care, you'll never read this

I reveal my darkest little secret
The one I swore I wouldn't tell anybody
And I've kept my promise to myself
This is a letter I know I won't send

I tear down the people who mean the most to you
Mostly lies but some of them are true
But I know you won't give me any flack for it
How can you? When it's something you'll never read?

I fold it up and seal it
Put it in my top drawer
Where it will sit for the next 63 years
My senility will still know better, this is a letter I know I won't send