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Little Boy

Little Boy

Don't blink while I'm standing right here
I'm too liable to up and disappear
A little too prone to break down and cry
Not surprised if you never figured out why
Trapped in a hole of mystery and self-doubt
You don't want to seem to let me out
Got me right where you need me
I want out but I can't let you see
If this keeps up it's certain death for sure
Gotta keep up the lies make myself seem pure
Hey lookee there I'm the shadow on the wall
Put up the houselights you won't know I was here at all
I'll disappear into the pitch black midnight
You won't notice I'm gone until something ain't right
I'm your dumb kid let me live life like I think it is
A naive little brat like myself can't tell the difference
Depressed for my own reasons please don't ever ask
Would you be so surprised to learn you caused this nite to be my last?
I will shut my cakehole now afterall I'm just rambling
Doubt you heard any of this anyhow you were probably in the middle of someting