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Lost In A Sea of Whitecapped Misdirection And Pleasure...The Long Version

Lost In A Sea of Whitecapped Misdirection and Pleasure...The Long Version

co-written with Kenne "The Happy Man" Hoffman

The directionally challenged
Make for North
And they end up right back where they started
Lost as always
Compass shattered
They don’t realize how far they haven’t gone

Their sunken ships
And frozen engines
Have haltered their proglesslessness
They can’t sense the confusion
But they can sense the restlessness
I hate being in the dark

Yankee Doodle is a stowaway
His pony is the captain
The cabin boys are all on break
The oarsmen have no arms
The navigator has got scurvy
Where’s George Reeves when you need him???

Our compass is screwy
I think we’re lost
The boat sunk
I wish I could swim
Mom only taught me to dog paddle
So there

I think we should abandon ship
Women and cowards first
Full steam adrift
Bearing due down
The old guys are still playing shuffleboard
What time is dinner?????

Up in the crow’s nest
Somebody lays an egg
Splat! Goes the chickie
Now there’s chickie on the deck
The fat lady has laryngitis