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March on young one
Fear not and be strong
It's time to go prove yourself
Take all your friends with you
For the days you are blue
'Cause friendship is the greatest worth

Spread your wings and fly
Soar like an eagle in the sky
You're not the child you used to be
Break the chains of childhood
New adventures will do you good
So spread you wings--be free

As you leave childhood behind
Imagine what treasures you will find
You can have it all if you know how to get it
Of all your battles and all your wars
May you always find what you're looking for
Life is like a glove you just have to make it fit

Onward with your swords and shields
Be yourself always and never yield
At least be able to say that you tried
It's time to leave good luck and farewell
God speed and I fare thee well
And all I can say now is goodbye

--for the graduating class of Calais High School 1997