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We spent 4 weeks in a city of undying love
I guess that's what I've been dying of
It captivated you more than what you left behind
And I guess Europe will have the treasures you long to find
A one-way ticket in my pocket to take me home
I never dreamed I would leave here alone

What you wanted with you, I think you decided to pack
I'll keep the rest cause you're not coming back

My heart keeps the love I got
My soul keeps the hurt and it's a lot
My eyes are where I'll keep the blue
And it's not fair--that Paris keeps you

Well I hope the new guy can make you smile
To add a bit of happiness every once in awhile
I've disconnected the phone cause you're not gonna call
And it's not our fault at all

I kiss you once more as we say our final goodbye
It's all I can do to not break down and cry

I hate to see us come to the very end
I'm losing my lover, my other, my best friend
My head is where the memories are
So you know you're never far
I want you to know that I still care
But Paris gets to keep you and that's not fair

And Paris gets to keep my tears and I can't mask it
While the nice man says it's time to go and closes your casket