Rantings of the Lonely Madman Apparition
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Rantings of The Lonely Madman Apparition

Drift in
Drift out
Yes sir
That's me
Being lonely
I've got noone to show off for
I've got noone to suffer for
When she'd like to go but I'd rather say no but I go anyway
Fade in
Fade out
Yes sir
That was me
Throwing pity parties
People would just as soon not attend
I've got noone to hold hands with
I got noone to be friends with
As I go through the world with her with my mind distracted into thoughts of love and peace and harmony and goodwill towards men and peace on Earth and Uncle Sam wants you away from my own demented, selfish thoughts of how ugly my outside is and how fucked up my inside is
Shut up
Yes sir
I forgot I wasn't supposed to answer your question honestly if I decided to dignify your prying into my screwed up little mind with a response
Duck in
Duck out
Butt in
Butt out
Yes sir
So if I don't go to a couple's dance
Or tag along on my friends' dates
Feeling like a defective monkey wrench
Clogging up the works of a druken cupid
Or maybe like the 4-year old child walking in on his parents whilt they work on the recipie for siblings
Spoiling the mood--that is if they decide to pay me any attention at all
So don't kick my ass when I decide to be anti-social
I just lonely
Leave me alone