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                                                                                                            Unlocking The Mysteries In The Realm of Pain

I don't know what you think I want from you 
I don't know what you think I want to do 
You keep all these things hidden from me 
No lifeline to save me in the sea of mysteries

I don't know if you wish things were changed
If your life would be better with the situation rearranged
If you want me to get off your island I've invaded
     I don't know all of your thoughts you've contemplated 

Sometimes it doesn't even matter
When I know your life is shattered
When you say you understand you can turn to me
        I don't know if it's true or if you don't want to break my naivete 

Thirsty in the desert of not having a clue
I yell for help while looking at you
It's so hopeless I might as well die
Since I don't know how you feel, couldn't tell if you'd cry

And one day I break down and you look at me quizzically
And act all insulted and inquire about the mystery
I try to remain silent but you ask me 'what's the deal?'
                                            And for a response all I say is 'how's it feel?'