The Sky Turned Black
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The Sky Turned Black

"A" took away "B's" right to choose
Just then all hell broke loose
It's hard to believe a war broke out that day
Fathers and sons went off to fight
They had to defend their rights
All the mothers and daughters could do is pray
As the soldiers went off to war they never looked back
And when the first blood was shed, the sky turned black

For ten-thousand years the mindless killing went on
Nobody was winnng-neither side was strong
Sad to say some never made it home
Each side tells the grandchildren theirs is the one to fight on
They fight into the night long after the sun is gone
The women spend too many nights alone
The soldiers keep on dying in this giant death trap
The blood stains the desert, the sky turns black

For one-hundred thousand years the war goes on
When will this massacre have a victory song?
Maybe never, possibly after we are dead
"A" wants unconditional surrender "B" would rather die
They don't see their children missing them or hear their mothers cry
Fight all day and fight all night till time for bed
As the last men die and the last bodies are stacked
And while they forget what the war was for, the sky turned black