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Tommy must be a fag to have ended up this way
It's that sick, sad and sorry lifestyle if all he can do is pray
It must be all Tommy's fault that he can't play by the rules
Join me in avoiding him you know we could catch it too

Tommy must be a junkie to have ended up this way
Put his dear old mother into shock, she didn't know what to say
I for one am glad that it was Tommy not us that ended up like he did
Can you imagine what a role model he would've been to his kids?

Tommy uses the toilet seat that's the third from the right
I know because I saw him come out of there the other night
Don't use that toilet or else you'll end up the same
You'll move to a different town and we'll know who to blame

Tommy was lying when he said it was a faulty transfusion
He's only saying that just so he can cause confusion
I'll tell you something I'm glad we all found out today
Because, and you know it's true, Tommy doesn't look like he has AIDS